Various Type of Tape

branded-packing-tapeOf course we already know the object called tape, and maybe we have seen all kinds of duct tape. But there are several types of tape we do not know its name and function in detail. So here it is, a variety of tape that we already know well yet.


Perhaps this is the duct tape that is most frequently encountered in everyday life, brown tape is suitable for all the work of packing cardboard good for light or heavy objects. This duct tape were able to stick tightly and securely on any surface whether made of metal / metal, glass, wood, paper, cardboard and plastic. branded packing tape is designed specifically with varying sizes that are tailored to its function to support a wide variety of packaging systems. Made of polypropylene film that has function at the level of strength and flexibility of duct tape, using acrylic water base glue strong very suitable and good for use on carton sealing (seal box), bundling (binder) and other purposes.


Stationary Tape more or less the same function with OPP Packing Tape, just the smaller size makes this tape more suitable for smaller jobs, Stationery Tape made with coated polypropylene film and backed with water base acrylic resin glue is strong. The duct tape is suitable for supporting work in households, schools, offices, crafts, artwork, gifts and other necessities.


Paper duct tape / Masking Tape is ideal for all the work of painting the car / automotive and glass cutting. Easily torn and able to stick on any surface whether made of metal / metal, glass, wood, or plastic.Masking Tape made of crepe paper coated with natural rubber resin solvent base. Suitable for paint protection against scratches and dirt, color separation, hides uneven surfaces and other purposes. In the design for the subject of work in hte working conditions, such as high temperature resistant, solvents, and acids. Easily removable without leaving a trace so that the appearance of the work perfect.

4 Things That Make Big Players Want to Invest In StartUp

Starting a new business is not easy, the entrepreneur who is now often called Startup must fight it out and sometimes risking all the money they have. You can use Crowdfunding Software to bulid website and then invite the investor. But the question is how small businesses and new start could attract large investors?

Research what is the main motivation of the investors

Investment companies are usually not dependent on the interests of the main company, and usually gains still be their main consideration. Besides other priority is to build a network or patnering with startups precedence over financial gain.

To find out what motivates an investment company you can learn at least the last five businesses in which they invest. It is also learned their first priority funding, companies such as what their acquisition and also what was written by the business analyst. Another way you can use Equity Crowdfunding Software to build website that can attract some investors for you.


One way that is quite beneficial approach is while there is a conference, exhibition or business event. They are usually more open to all possibilities so that you easier to approach and explain about your products and services.

Prove that you will give added value

Let’s make the most difficult approach, ie a company that focuses on benefit. That you need to be presented is how you start a new business it can add value or help these companies achieve their business targets.

You have to see them as colleagues, customers and contributors for your company. This means you should be able to sell them to collaborate with what you’re awake, rather than just providing the opportunity to benefit only.

The relevant data and the latest updates are very important for investors, they want to understand what is happening and which way the trend forward. But do not stop there, opened with their input. This will open up greater possibilities. Read the rest of this entry »

If Already Covered by Company, Should Still Have Additional Insurance?

insuranceIn the current era of insurance is required to be shared by everyone. Even for babies still in the womb also need insurance. Insurance does not only guarantee, but also as savings for emergencies or education savings also. Therefore, at this time many types of insurance offered and you should have, ie for example, life insurance, health insurance and education insurance. Life insurance can use later when you have died, then your wife and children will receive some insurance money upon your death that perhaps this could further alleviate your family live.

Health insurance for example you can use any time you have an accident, serious illness or just an injury. This insurance can also be used when you died in the accident. While education is an insurance for your children’s education expenses from starting school until graduation. Tuition fees of your children can prepare yourself since you are still in the womb. This of course will make you feel more secure and will not have problems in your child’s future education expenses.

But for those of you working as an employee in a company, then your insurance will be borne by the company. It is that many companies make employees asking that if an employee of a company also requires an additional insurance. That should be underlined at this revelation are two points in the regulation of insurance in a company. Two points are:

1. The insurance provided by the company only applies to employees only
Who gets the insurance company only employees, but not for the employee’s family. And it is only life safety insurance, not health insurance or any other insurance. So that the insurance will not be valid if used by a sick wife or other family members who accidents. Therefore, additional insurance is essential you have for health insurance, life insurance, insurance and education for family members. This will make you more secure and not just depend on a given insurance company alone.

2. Insurance companies were given time-bound and location
Such insurance will be used if you have an accident in the workplace and during business hours only. Of course, your position is still a legitimate employee of the company. Suppose you had an accident when leaving for work, home work, or while working then you will get insurance. But if you have an accident while on holiday with your family, then the insurance will not be given because of the accident was not during working hours or is not in the working environment. This require you still have additional insurance apart from the insurance office

Financial Control while still Single

Payday yet but your wallet is empty? Well, do not let this happen let alone you are single with an income that is pretty good. Single status was bad because you are still free from various dependents. But this freedom does not mean your life free of financial planning are telling.

Career increasing financial stability should be supported. Otherwise, it’s useless you are hunting for a career but financial problems still chasing you every month. Immediately do 6 (six) this action if you want to sleep well.

First action: Perform Financial Check-Up Now!
Before the surrender to a financial planner (financial planner), you alone must immediately do the examination (check-up) your finances. If you lack discipline record expenses or even not at all, then start to record now. Observe traffic revenue and expenditure. Observe the post which expenditure becomes uncontrollable.

Most singles have always stuck to the consumptive lifestyle. You will be surprised if he finds a record amount of funds to purchase electronic devices (gadgets) and you spend to hang (hanging) on ​​weekends. Reduce or change your lifestyle. If you will make purchases with large funds, think about it for 24 hours before deciding.

Check back portion of your expenses. Give clear boundaries and strict allocation. For example:

50% of the daily routine needs (transportation and meal)
15% for amusement / entertainment (hanging or holiday) and personal development (books or courses)
15% for debt management
10% for emergency funds
10% for savings
Adjust the portion above according to your circumstances and practice discipline. (for insurance ??)

Second action: Review Back Long-Term Goals
You may forget your long-term plans. The flurry dense and highly preoccupy often make you complacent. It is time to recall the plan to get married, the dream of buying a house or open a side business.

Revisit all the goals you’ve ever swore. How long? The extent to which your efforts? Both of these questions will guide the analysis of your review. Rewrite the latest strategy. If you have a mess, change back the financial strategy and the target time so you have the spirit of success.

It is nice if life is allowed to flow like water. But you have to understand where the flow. Always remember to make your long-term goals have controls to achieve it.

Third action: Control Controlling Debt Debt Before you
Stop adding new debt. Minimize the use of credit cards. Pay with cash. Not wise to use credit cards will add new debt and make it roll if it is not paid in full on time.

Make a list of your debts. Fixed installment credit on such vehicles, complete with a large value remaining period. Avoid penalties and interest on arrears. If you get a big commission or annual bonuses, immediately filed a partial settlement or closing credit card arrears. Treat both of these resources as a spur faster debt repayment.

Action Four: Revitalization Savings
Is the amount of savings you never grow? Are you at all even can not save? Whatever the answer, do revitalization savings.

Make a habit of how much you save each month. Although you are still piling up debt, this habit will familiarize yourself the discipline of saving. One other way to increase the coffers of your money is to reduce the budget allocation. Technically, set aside 10% percent of any income to savings.

Saving with two goals. The first is an emergency fund that is worth at least about six months of monthly income. The function of the reserve fund is to just in case for any reason you stop working. Six months is sufficient time to find a new job. The second is to achieve your long-term goals.

If your finances began to improve, start thinking of investing to optimize your savings fund. Mutual funds, foreign currencies, gold or land, each has advantages and disadvantages characteristics that can be tailored to your circumstances.

Action Five: Protect Your Financial Resources!
You are a major source of your own! You need to be healthy to keep working to make money. If the vehicle and have your home insured from risk of loss, whether you insure yourself as the main source of income?

Financial protection should cover unexpected risks and long-term goals. Unexpected risks can occur such as critical illness or accident that makes you can not work anymore. Another risk is the death that makes you do not need to bother the family. In the long-term goal, the pension insurance program should have started as early as possible.

Sixth action: Make the Other Sources
Moreover, the financial resources you have in addition to the monthly salary, commission and annual bonuses? There are two strategies that can be used. First, take advantage of the other capabilities of yourself such as writing, painting or graphic design. In addition to being a source of additional income, your spare time will be filled with positively. You will be spared spare time spree that actually increase the financial burden.

The second is to look back items that you rarely use and is not to be collected. For example, electronic devices / gadgets. Sometimes you may be tempted to buy an electronic device / the latest gadgets which are not really needed. Finally you have two electronic devices / gadgets with the same function. Sell ​​it the other!

Credit Card Submission Method

Credit card is a payment instrument that is most popular today, especially as a means of payment tokoonline. Because almost today most e-commerce payment on the internet using a credit card. Walaupunmemang there are several e-commerce web that can make payments using debit cards. So, bagianda lovers via online shopping, credit cards are one item that is highly recommended for you.Even, for those who like to travel, leisure, and shopping, there is no harm in also to mempunyaikartu credit, provided that such use must be wisely and orderly.

One of the obstacles before having a credit card is a fairly complicated process. Especially if andaingin making credit cards from major banks. Large banks such pastilebih more selective in choosing candidates for credit card customers. Because they minimize kemungkinanresiko bad loans later in the day. Quite often, foreign banks also conduct strict selection in choosing prospective customers. So, banks must really know its customers recordcalon track, which is highly desirable that prospective credit card customers are not ‘jammed’ dalampembayaran credit card at a later date.

Here are some things to be done in how to apply CreditCard request for the first time.

Submission process

Credit card application process is simple, as long as we are patient and obey the steps yangseharusnya. We will explain the process for credit cards in general:

Again, the requirements that we gave above is a necessary requirement in general, may be a requirement at the bank where you make a credit card is a bit different with the requirement that we gave above.

After preparing all the documents required, you just go to the bank where you want to make a credit card (for students, should be accompanied by a parent), or select the credit card you want here and then click “Apply” paka page credit card you want.

At the bank, you will meet customer service. Just do all the steps instructed by the customer service.

After following all instructions from the customer service, such as filling out forms and so on, you have to wait only if your submission is accepted or not. Normally banks provide the news (usually via phone) a month after you apply for a credit card, even more. It is common, because all banks, especially large banks, with very strict selecting prospective credit card customers, to minimize the risk of bad debts in the future.

If your submission is accepted, just follow the instructions, but if your submission is rejected, you do not get discouraged, you can apply it to other banks.

Something like that credit card application process in general. Actually, the stages are very simple, as long as we follow it properly and regularly.

Bad Debt: Tips to Avoid and Overcome

Debt certainly a headache, especially if the number has exceeded your financial capabilities. If this situation occurs, as a result to repay the debt will be very heavy, though by way menyicilnya. If you borrow to other individuals or individual, you may be able to negotiate to increase the loan period. So what if the staggering debt comes from loans in the bank?

Disbursement of bank loans is relatively high interest can make you overwhelmed to pay it off. Moreover, loans granted by banks meliki kind of diverse, ranging from Personal Loan , Credit , Vehicle Loan, and others. The many types of borrowing makes it easy to purchase goods or meet other needs. However, the loans can be a burden because the flowers are big. If the loan is no longer paid or paid in installments, while it is called with bad credit.

In other words, loans with bad credit are condition when the borrower or borrowers no longer able to pay their debts due to insufficient funds owned. On the other hand, the interest on the loan from the bank will continue to run and the figure creeping up. This makes the total loan borrowers are getting bigger and more difficult to be repaid. Such conditions usually occur because at the beginning of the borrowing, the debtor too imposing amount. Loans are too large it was not able to be paid until the end of the debtor neglecting its obligation to make repayments properly and regularly, because the money has to be used to meet other needs.

Avoiding Bad Debt

Bad credit can be a terror to the debtor. Of course, because the bank will continue to collect during the installment is not paid, which is also the amount will be greater due to accumulated interest. However, that does not mean to borrow money in the bank to be something scary. The loan can also be fun because from there you can find the funds to purchase the desired goods in installments. In order to be a good debtor and not stuck bad credit, there are certain principles that must be held borrow. Here we describe the principles that you should take if you want to be free bad credit borrowers.

1. Borrow accordance Capabilities

The thing to keep in mind when trying to apply for credit to anyone, especially at the bank, the loan is still in a good ratio to earnings. Thus, the loan will not exceed the financial capability. it means there must be a budget allocation of the total income for other needs as long as the period of debt repayment.

Recognizing the many needs that must be met, beyond the obligation to pay the debt and interest, you should not apply for the ceiling is too high or over the limit ability to pay. Make sure the installment to be paid each month is not more than 30 percent of total revenue. Thus, you can pay the debt at once is not miserable life because the basic needs could still be met. Read the rest of this entry »

Joe Biden will advance candidates for President of the USA

US Vice President Joe Biden seems to be seriously considering running again for the presidency of the Democratic party. He called supporters and potential campaign donors in recent days and met an important legislator while he explores his candidacy. If you want to participate on election exit polls, you can visit

Biden speed up the trip to his home state, Delaware, Saturday, for lunch at his official residence in Washington along with Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic senator from Massachusetts. Warren, a favorite among progressive Democrats, earlier this year rejected the suggestion to run. Senator who acted harshly against the influence of large financial institutions in the United States, have not expressed support for one of the candidates of the Democratic party, including the current front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Biden consideration to participate in the competition was carried out while political survey shows reduced support for Clinton, amid questions about the use of private email server for four years served as foreign minister, the first term of President Barack Obama. Under the constitution, President Obama barred from running for a third term in office.

While serving as a senator, Biden, who is now aged 72 years failed in its efforts to become the presidential candidate of the Democratic party in 1988 and 2008. He has been vice-president Obama for 6.5 years.

Voters will be voting in the election of the presidential candidate of the Democratic and Republican parties in February. Parties choose their candidates a few months before national elections in November 2016.

Tips For Easy Loans

You want to develop a particular business opportunity (cassava chips business for example) by utilizing the loan or financing from Make sure you know how to tips and easy way of filing that you enter into a specific bank can easily received and disbursed by the bank concerned. Although publicly the bank gives people an opportunity to apply for a loan financing to the banks, but apparently not all banks easily withdraw funds you ask.

Sometimes filings may be rejected or reduced the amount of numbers you ask. This is sometimes done by the bank because it was not convinced by the file submitted by the person concerned about their capacity to make repayments. Moreover, many cases of customers who do not pay off the mortgage blur and makes the bank more cautious in selecting clients who apply for funding for a bank.

What if you had a pretty good business opportunities developed with capital sourced from bank financing funds? The most important thing you have to know how to tips and strategies that you do to make your loan easily liquefied and has not been rejected, following some of the tips that bank lending is a liquid that you can try: Read the rest of this entry »

Russian Wedding Tradition

Wedding traditions in each country has its peculiarities of each. In Russia The Iron Curtain country, every new bride has a tradition of distributing vodka and brown in some places the crowd.

That tradition recently can be seen in Red Square Moscow. At that time, there was russian brides who were enjoying a typical drink of Russia and chocolate with friends after a wedding blessing in the church. Both also did not forget to distribute vodka and chocolates to those that exist in the sights that were previously closed to the public.

Red Square is located near the Kremlin, is not the only place the destination crowd the newlyweds. They usually also visited the Leninsky Gory. The newlyweds believe, celebrate weddings in this tourist location could perpetuate their relationship until the end of life.

Russian church wedding is not considered official, and couples wanting to get married have to exchange their wedding vows in a civil marriage ceremony Russia. The bride and groom received bread and salt, symbolizes health, prosperity and longevity.

Russian civil ceremony is often considered unimportant for the friends and relatives of the bride. Main business is wedding receptions, large two-day celebration with music, dancing, feasting and drinking.

After the celebration reception has started, the family or close friends will make a toast wedding with the bride. In accordance with the Russian custom, everyone throws their champagne glasses on the floor. It is considered good luck if the glass broke when they hit the ground.

When some traditional Orthodox married in Russia, they were crowned as royalty for the day. The bride and groom had to stand on a special carpet when they utter their marriage vows, but first they race each other to it. Whoever reaches the carpet first will, perhaps, be the head of the household.

8 Things You Should Look For Choosing Skin Care Products And Natural Cosmetics

The number of “greenwashing” (a certain corporate actions which markets its products as if natural and healthy, despite the fact that very different) continues to increase, consumers began to give care and attention to the ingredients in their products.

The skin plays an important role in protecting and removing toxins from the body. When talking about skin care and cosmetics, it is important to consider what we put on the skin, because in some products, chemicals can be easily absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream.

Is it important to choose Natural and Organic Skin Care and Makeup? Here are 8 things you should consider in choosing skin care products and natural cosmetics.

1. Beware the word “Natural” and “Organic”
I fully support the skin care products and natural and organic cosmetics. However, I remind to those who have just started to use natural treatments to be alert to these words on beauty products.
The label on the packaging can be deceiving. Just because there are a number of “natural ingredients” were added to the product, not the means to make these products clean and non-toxic. Be sure to read the label first and be aware of the names of the chemicals. Below you will find some of the main chemicals that you should avoid.

2. Paraben, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), and several other hazardous chemicals
Parabens (synthetic preservatives) are almost all conventional beauty products. Parabens are linked to cancer and disrupt hormones work. Products labeled “natural” or “plant-derived” often contain hazardous materials, so be sure to check the label before using.

Other harmful chemicals, namely PEG, has been shown to be associated with cancer. PEG can also cause premature aging because they interfere with the skin’s natural moisture.

3. Jumping Rabbit Symbol
Apparently there are still many manufacturers of cosmetics tested on animals. Therefore, look for a cosmetic product that has the logo “bunny hopping” or products that have the word “Cruelty Free”, which means free from animal abuse. This cosmetic producers should be supported.

4. Perfume
According to the Skin Deep Database, perfume associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory disorders and reproductive health, especially pregnant women. Be careful.
If you’re looking for a perfume or scented moisturizer, look natural, like a product with a mixture of essential oil-based.

5. Effectiveness
There is a misconception that lasts a long time, ie if it is made from natural ingredients, the product will not work well. Fortunately, now many manufacturers who have created some of the best products made from natural ingredients without toxic chemicals.
You can find it at your local store or can also search online.

6. Asterisk
Look for this small asterisk (*) after the name of the chemical on the label. Often they will tell you something interesting. The more, the better.

7. Value Brand
If this is your first time to switch to natural products and want to learn more, I recommend to visit some of the manufacturer’s website. There you can learn the source of any material contained in each product

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